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"To buy a house is not as impossible as I thought." Hector Munoz says, "It is possible. It's a process. You can have a piece of the pie"


Hector and Adriana Muñoz

Hector and Adriana immigrated from Colombia and after living in the Rhode Island for several years; they wanted to own their own home. Hector begins his story by saying that while he loves his brother he did not want to keep paying his brother’s mortgage.

In the fall of 2002, Hector attended a housing fair in Central Falls where he met representatives of the Homeownership Connection. He found that he was eligible for two programs, the homebuyer education program that is open to all prospective homebuyers and the IDA (Individual Development Account) program sponsored by the United Way and Citizens Bank. Hector took classes through Homeownership Connection member Blackstone Valley Community Action Program (BVCAP) in Pawtucket and began to save for a down payment with the IDA.

Hector and Adriana put into practice what they learned from the homebuyer course. They established good credit, paid their bills on time in order to maintain their good credit and created a family budget and savings plan.

After completing the classes, they set out to find a house they could afford. The Muñoz were able to find an affordable one-family house selling for $140,000, which had been recently built through a partnership involving the city of Pawtucket and BVCAP. In April 2003, less than a year since they attended the housing fair, Hector and Adriana moved into their very own home.

The Providence Journal featured the Munoz on the front page of the Fall Real Estate section on September 14, 2004. Their experiences were highlighted in the article called "Tough Process can be Tamed: The Road to Homeownership is Paved with Careful Planning".