What are CDCs?

What are Community Development Corporations (CDCs)?

A community is not just a place to live – it is a place to belong, a place to invest in, and a place to stay.  Non-profit Community Development Corporations work to create strong, enduring successful communities by providing support for families, leading economic development efforts, creating housing opportunities for all, promoting responsible growth, and encouraging community involvement.  Community Development Corporations are community.

Community Development Corporations provide a range of affordable housing opportunities.

  • Communities reflect the diversity of their residents – the housing opportunities available to these residents should do the same.  CDCs work to increase access to affordable homeownership and rental opportunities, assist first-time and low-to-moderate income homebuyers to buy, and keep their homes, increase the availability of workforce housing, promote and provide supportive housing to those in need, create housing opportunities for populations with special needs, including the elderly and people with disabilities, build and increase community-based capacity to acquire and rehabilitate existing infrastructure as part of a redevelopment strategy, promote the use of sustainable design and green building techniques in the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing, and promote fair and equal opportunity housing.
  • Community Development Corporations understand that homebuyer education is key to successful long-term homeownership.  They help Rhode Islanders navigate the path to homeownership by helping them to prepare for the purchase and responsible financing of a home.


Community Development Corporations believe in long term economic development. 

  • A community will thrive with a vibrant economy as its backbone.  Our CDCs are an integral part of building local economies.  They support local business, offer physical space for entrepreneurs to hone their skills and sell their wares, provide workforce training, hire local residents to build homes and childcare centers, and create a support system for working parents by offering childcare, summer youth, and after school programs.


Community Development Corporations promote responsible growth. 

  • Our Community Development Corporations recognize that in order to cultivate sustainable communities, planning for the future has to be guided by a sense of responsibility and purpose.  The CDCs employ smart growth principles and promote the use of alternative energy, advocate for the preservation of open space, encourage environmentally responsible development and redevelopment, and help to build and support community farms, gardens, and recreational space for all to enjoy.


Community Development Corporations encourage community involvement. 

  • The collective success of a community is dependent upon its residents’ commitment and involvement.  CDCs organize residents to lead crime prevention initiatives, collect input and encourage participation in community planning, contribute to advocacy and outreach initiatives aimed at preventing homelessness, encouraging financial literacy, ending hunger, breaking the cycle of poverty, and promoting healthy habits.